New technologies demand a fresh approach..

We help companies harvest more cash - from both existing and new sources. High tech manufacturing, distribution, and related service companies hire us because:

  • sales are not meeting expectations
  • they need help making a change in go-to-market strategies
  • they need tools to support the sales process
  • they desire an objective, experienced, "outside" opinion

Most people who buy consulting services aren't always aware that consultants should provide a clear statement of work, offer performance based fees, train and coach during the engagement, and communicate clearly and often.

To help companies make the best decision possible, we offer FREE copies of our Standards of Excellence, and our white paper on corporate responsibility and leadership which contain what to consider when hiring a consultant and what to think about before the marketing process begins.


Click here to request our Standards of Excellence and white paper.


Services include:

• Planning and Execution

- Overall strategy refinement and clarification
- Definition of goals
- Development of supporting plans
- Messaging integrity
- Accountability to goals

• Project Management

- Deployment and implementation of strategies
- Market research

• Tools

- Sales Process Implementation
- Content development
- ROI tools
- Pricing and configuration aids
- Website planning and development
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Training
- Graphic design team management


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